Tuesday, June 7, 2016


It is a legal requirement in Vietnam to register the recognition of father, mother of a child regardless the child’s parents are married or not. Such recognition shall be made on the newly issued birth certificate of the child.

The recognition of the father, mother protects the legal rights of all involved parties. For the family involving foreign elements i.e foreigners, expatriates living in Vietnam, the procedure for recognition of father, mothers of a child have to follow the laws of Vietnam, through various steps at Vietnam Authority including People’s Committee, Provincial Department of Justice and at Consular of foreign country where the mother or father of the child comes from.
The dossiers of application for recognition of fathers, mothers or children shall include the following papers:
1. The application for recognition of father, mother of the child;
2. The copies of the ID (for Vietnamese citizens staying in the country), or passports or substitute papers (for foreigners and Vietnamese citizens in foreign countries);
3. The copies of the birth certificates of the persons to be recognized as child;
4. Papers, documents or evidences (if any) to prove that there is a blood relationship between the father or mother and the child;
5. The copy of the household registration book or collective resident certificate (for Vietnamese citizens permanently residing in the country);
6. The permanent residence card (for foreigners permanently residing in Vietnam) of the persons to be recognized as father or mother.

Documents issued in foreign language shall need to be translated into Vietnamese, notarized or legalized to conform with legal document requirements of Vietnam authorities.
The time for processing dossiers at various authorities depend on the submitted documents and the time taken by the authorities to validate the case and could range between two weeks to two months.
The Vietnam authorities will need to study and examine dossiers of application for recognition of father, mother of the child. In cases where there is any doubts, complaints or denunciation about the recognition of father, mother of the child, or whether it is deemed that the personal identification of the involved parties or papers in the dossiers of application need to be clarified, the Provincial Department of Justice shall carry out the verification, including interviews with the involved parties or request for the additional proof.
Once the application is processed, verified and confirmed, the revised birth certificate of the child will be issued to reflect the changes which will show the name of the father or mother added.  
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