Thursday, June 9, 2016


In Vietnam, certain type of contract has to follow forms requested by laws as such client is recommended to seek help from professional contract lawyers in Vietnam to help draft or review.

Contract is an agreement enforced by law.  In Vietnam, contract is a civil transaction which parties enter into voluntarily, each of whom intends to create, change, or terminate one or more rights or obligations between them according to Vietnam Civil Code.  Contract plays an important roles in business transaction.  Written contract provide individuals and businesses a legal document reflecting agreement, expectation and mechanism to resolve potential disagreement or disputes.
The lawyers in Vietnam drafting or reviewing contracts under Vietnam laws will need to initially review the legal resources in relevant to the transactions, research related documents and the parties involved to provide legal opinions, make suggestions and propose an optimal solution to the client for negotiation and contract finalization.
Basic terms and conditions of the contracts being rights and obligations of parties to the contracts, and other terms in regard to duration, quality, payment, dispute handling procedures, applicable law and/or jurisdiction, confidentiality, force majeure, intellectual property clauses…among others have to be carefully taken into considerations.
Further, a contract should ensure the following points to be covered:
  • Use right legal terms or terminology;
  • Foresee the future scenarios;
  • Describe the specific matters;
  • Clearly mention obligations;
  • Obtain a balance between parties involved.
There are specific contracts in Vietnam for various transactions being:
  • Joint venture contract;
  • Share purchase contract;
  • Sales contract;
  • Business cooperation contract;
  • Licensing contract;
  • Investment contract;
  • Labour contract;
  • Lease contract;
  • Distribution contract;
  • Construction contract;
  • Prenuptial agreement.
Each business transaction is different as such a contract is not a compilation of standard terms and conditions.  Professional contract lawyers in Vietnam would consider the purpose of the contract, transaction type, significance of the deal, industry, Vietnam legal requirements and expectation of the client to prepare a legally enforceable contract for the client, to avoid misunderstanding and protect the client against legal disputes.
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